1 billion seconds meets: Alan Honan

Alan, how long did you work for The Panel?
3 Years  
What area did you recruit for?
Accountancy initially then Financial Services (IFSC).
What is your best memory from that time? 
I remember well the recruitment events we held in The Shelbourne with the IFCS Panel with Anne, Fiona and Caroline and literally bring to the office on Baggot Street bags of CV´s (the days before digitalization) and sorting through them. I really enjoyed the almost daily walks from the office to the IFSC to meet clients and candidates, however the most memorable was those lunches we used to have with Brendan, Anne, Paul, Fergal, Oonagh, Charlie, Barry, Fiona, Edele, Sara, Linda and Niamh to name but a few. Great memories of great people! Oh! And the mail shots sending out thousands of letters to our candidates! 
What have you been doing since? 
I played a lot of Rugby so when an injury curtailed my career in 2003 I decided I needed a change of scenery so I moved to Prague, Czech Republic where I ended up working for Deloitte in Recruitment then in FS Consulting. I met my wife Marketa there almost immediately and we are now married 11 years and have two kids, Kaja (8) and Michael (4). I joined AmRest/KFC initially in Czech and after stints in Poland, Hungary we are now living in Madrid for the past 5 years as the Managing Director of KFC.

You never leave The Panel; I revisited the team over the 15 years since I left and I am proud to call Brendan and Paul my friends. Before I joined The Panel I briefly worked at another recruitment company and the person who trained me was a fantastic professional Sara Kelly who then joined The Panel after me and is still going strong 15 years later.

I learned so much at The Panel and although it may sound “cliché” I learned more from Brendan, Paul and Anne than they will ever know. They are leaders who possess and espouse real values and their success is a testimonial to the standards they set in every market they operate in. Thank you so much for all you did for me. 
In 5 words how would you describe The Panel?
Family, Friends, Specialist, Integrity, Connected. 

Alan, many thanks for sharing your memories of your time with us and we wish you all the best!

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