1 billion seconds meets: Allison Watson

Allison, how long did you work for The Panel?
I started with The Panel in April 2005 and worked there for 3 great and formative years until February 2008

What area did you recruit for?
Initially it was Legal and then I moved into Sales and Marketing 

What is your best memory from that time?
I have a lot of great memories from that time. I could say the lunches in Slattery’s but the overriding one was just the incredible team. I learned a lot and had a lot of fun working at The Panel. I really believe it set me up for the rest of my career and helped shape a lot of the values I have carried to today of being customer focused, always trying to do the right thing taking no short-cuts and thinking about building and maintaining long-term professional relationships.

What have you been doing since?
I left The Panel to take a role in staffing in Google as an individual contributor. I worked my way up through the team to various different management roles, via a 6 month stint in San Francisco through to my role in London as Head of the EMEA Staffing Team for Google managing a team of approx 70 people hiring for 36 different EMEA markets.
I recently moved internally to lead HR for our Policy, Legal and Communications teams. It’s been quite the journey since The Panel and I’ve loved (mostly) every minute. 

In 5 words how would you describe The Panel?
The place that started my career (sorry, that’s 6!)

Allison, many thanks for sharing your memories of your time with us and we wish you all the best!

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