1 billion seconds meets: Eoin Brawn

How long did you work for The Panel?
I joined the panel on the 8th October 1998 and worked there for 3 years.
What area did you recruit for? 
Recruited for the International Team - Accountants and Finance staff in Frankfurt London Bermuda and Amsterdam.
What is your best memory from that time?
My best memory there was working with Anne Keys on Finance Fair 99 in Dublin - where we organised for Clients to come in from all over Europe and meet local candidates (also gave a skiing trip away!).
What have you been doing since?
After The Panel I set up my own business in recruitment and sales training. 
In 5 words how would you describe The Panel?
Family, Fun, Professional, Experts, Integrity 

Eoin, many thanks for sharing your memories of your time with us and we wish you all the best!

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