1 billion seconds meets: Maeve O'Meara

Maeve, how long did you work for The Panel? 
6 years, can that be right? Just over 1 year then traveling and then just under 5 years.

What area did you recruit for?
Accountancy and Financial Services
What is your best memory from that time?
Great times with good friends/colleagues and great bosses who cared! Cannot think of an appropriate actual anecdote at this time but happy to actually have a think. I appreciate remembering that I thought working till 7pm once a month was very late despite free pizza.
What have you been doing since?
Not much. I moved into the tech sector. Taking on G&A (general and administration) recruiting for Google in Dublin including groups across HR, Finance, Security, Geo Maps, admin and semi technical groups. I then moved to London and headed up  all of European recruitment for YouTube including Partner Account Managers, Policy, Strategy  and Artist relations. I then moved to Dropbox in Dublin to head up their International Recruiting across the Dublin, London, Hamburg, Paris, Sydney and Tokyo sites. My most recent challenge has been heading up the HR business partnering team for that same international region in Dropbox. 
In 5 words how would you describe The Panel?
Supportive, Fun, Friendly, Challenging, Educational

Maeve, many thanks for sharing your memories of your time with us and we wish you all the best!

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