1 billion seconds meets: Simona Fufezan

Simona, when did you join The Panel? 
I joined The Panel on the 6th October 2014.

What area of the business are you in?
I manage the company’s  day to day accounts, finance, payroll and administrative operations. 

What is your best memory to date?
One year we had a Daffodil Day bake off competition at work and I won the first place with a lovely yellow themed dish leaving everyone speechless because the dish was not actually “baked”. I thought that was funny. 

How did you end up working for The Panel?
Following a couple of interviews it had been decided I was the best candidate.

In 5 words how would you describe The Panel?
Professional, considerate, connected, dynamic, fun.

Simona, many thanks for sharing your experiences of The Panel, thanks for being a part of the team!

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