SPOTLIGHT: Henrietta Hirst from CitySavvy

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Henrietta Hirst, Managing Director


Company formed in:


Elevator pitch:

We are a full service strategic communications consultancy that specialises in working with investment management sector and financial services firms. We design and execute high-impact, strategic and well-crafted multi-country multi-discipline marketing and media relations campaigns for clients in the UK, Ireland and globally, with an emphasis on accountability and the out-performance of client expectations.

Our distinguishing features are:

  • Our sector focus which results in a deep understanding of the business areas in which our clients operate;
  • Our reverse pyramid structure – senior director support on every client account every day;
  • A deeply thoughtful approach to designing and executing clients’ long term communications campaigns and short term issues management;
  • A high touch intense client service mentality and rapid response;
  • The longevity of our client relationships – 15 years in some cases.

Who would benefit from your service/product?

Investment fund managers, asset allocators, fund distributors and product providers, asset servicing and investment solution providers, consultancies and advisory firms, family offices, investing institutions, banks, brokerages, fin-tech firms.

Biggest achievement in the last 12 months:

In March we were voted by readers of Hedgeweek (20,000 subscribers) as Best Global PR firm for the Hedge Funds.  We grew our business by 37% last year in a highly competitive market.

Plans for the next 12 months:

To grow our business organically and by attracting new senior partners especially those who come with existing books of business but are seeking to work and further grow within an established agency infrastructure and network;

To further extend our advisory capability in new media platforms and social distribution channels; 

To continue to receive a large proportion of our new business referrals from the clients and journalists we work with – recommendations from people who know us well and have direct experience of our value proposition and differentiated approach.

Biggest challenge to your business:

Over-regulation of the asset management and banking industries that will significantly affect our clients’ businesses and budgets

Best advice you can give other business owners:

  • Focus on what you do best and delegate the rest
  • Recognise what is important and be ruthless with how you allocate your time – there are only 168 hours in the week and some of that time must be spent sleeping!
  • In your quest for business recognition, don’t forget your families!
  • Educate and encourage those younger than you in business; be generous with the knowledge you share and help those still seeking to carve their careers:  it’s never been harder graft.

If I was Minister for Finance, the first thing I’d do is:

Personal answer!:  Mandate that all companies and shops turn their lights off at night to save energy and the environment.

Professional answer: Loosen the stranglehold of regulation that is constraining so many aspects of financial services provision, ramping up costs for all parties, eliminating rather than increasing free competition, and ultimately harming rather than benefiting consumers.

Reasons to be cheerful:

Here in the UK we live in a democratic and socially liberal country with free NHS provision; we should never forget how fortunate we are compared to a large part of the world’s population.

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