On March 27th, GAIM Ops Dublin, as a part of their two-day event, featured a panel discussion entitled “Resourcing and talent Retention: Why a Firm’s Culture is so Important when Attracting and Retaining Top Talent in a Hyper Competitive Market?

The Panel was delighted to have our senior management team represented by Sarah Kelly (Partner, Legal & HR). Sarah has over 16 years’ recruitment experience, so came to the panel with significant insight into the challenges of retention and attraction of top talent in the Dublin market.

Sarah joined her fellow panellists Joanna Thompson de Colonges (Principal, Tembo Associates), Victoria Brown (MD, Aberdeen Standard Investments) and Caoimhghin O’Donnell (MD, DMS Governance) to discuss a variety of topics. 

Staff retention 

What organisations need to consider to remain competitive in today’s market. Why some organisations are succeeding better than others in this area. How important it is to realise the value of the high performers you currently have on your team, how to retain them and gain new advocates.

Company Culture

The panel discussed how important a company’s culture is in the hiring process. How culture is high on the agenda of top performers across all disciplines. Employees with a strong connection to their organisations are highly engaged, and therefore often highly productive.

The Panel would like to thank the GAIM Ops Dublin organisers for the opportunity to speak at this conference, and congratulate them on a great event.

If you wish to find out more about GAIM Ops or the topics discussed, contact Sarah Kelly on

Pictured from left to right: Caoimhghin O’Donnell (MD, DMS Governance), Joanna Thompson de Colonges (Principal, Tembo Associates), Sarah Kelly (Partner, The Panel) and Victoria Brown (MD, Aberdeen Standard Investments).